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Our Doctors

When it comes to the most affordable, professional, and high-quality varicose vein treatment in Mumbai, you must only rely on the best doctors for varicose veins near me. Our clinic is highly committed to its patients and offers innovative and leading treatment under Aurangabad's top-rated varicose vein surgery doctors. While some clinics only focus on reducing the cosmetic repercussions of varicose veins, our top-rated vascular doctors near me follow a holistic approach that caters to the accompanying swelling, pain, and discomfort. Our best vascular surgeon near me will treat most of your vascular pathologies even without significant operations.


We have an exceptional team of qualified and experienced varicose doctor specialist who has revolutionized healthcare in India. Our top-rated vascular surgeons in Navi Mumbai have undergone extensive, structured, and exclusive training programs at top educational institutes. Our vascular surgeon and vein doctor near me has won several awards for their innovations and best treatment outcome due to their contribution to treating spider and varicose veins.


We get to the root cause of a condition to treat it and transform your life. Our team, from the endovascular surgeon, interventional radiologist, receptionists, and ultrasound technicians, strives to make your experience rewarding and comfortable. Thus, top-rated varicose vein surgery doctors in Mumbai at The Vascular Center help you return to an active lifestyle sooner and for longer.


Our The Vascular Center team is reliable and highly recommended if you look for a doctor for veins in your legs near me. Our team of experienced doctors ensures that they work with you to create a personalized treatment plan for various endovascular procedures, including varicose veins. Please explore our doctors, their credentials, and their specialties below.


Dr. Amol Lahoti


Mobile- +91- 7972659301


Dr. Naman Bagdi


Mobile- +91- 7447775545

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