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Who are we?

  • We are a group of Vascular Interventional Radiologists each with more than 10 years experience in the field.

  • We are the largest group in India, with presence at 4 cities.

  • Trained in dealing with both simple and complicated issues, especially recurrent varicose veins.

  • Our research work on varicose veins has been published in many national & international journals.

  • We have conducted many workshops training doctors in EVLT.

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Ultrasound and colour Doppler 

30 mins consultation 

Regular follow up with Doppler

Complete processing of insurance documents

Doctor and Patient

About The Doctors

Our vascular surgeons are reliable and come highly recommended. Our team of experienced doctors ensure that they work with you to create a personalized treatment plan for various endovascular procedures including varicose veins. With their expertise in handling complex cases, our varicose doctor specialists ensure little scarring during the procedure and minimal recovery time afterwards. Thus, you can return home right after the procedure. Furthermore, our experts would guide you on the aftercare to be followed so that you can return to everyday life as soon as possible.

Dr. Ashank

Dr. Ashank Bansal is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon with more than 10 years of experience in the field. He has been trained in complex peripheral vascular interventions and laser ablation of varicose veins from prestigious LTMGH Hospital in Mumbai and in complex neuro-interventions from National Neuroscience Institute Singapore. He has been trained in vascular diseases, especially laser ablation of varicose veins, from Royal College of Radiology, London and holds the special distinction of being the youngest ever to be accredited by Royal College.. He has been awarded Master of Radiology, by National Uninversity Singapore, ranked as Asia’s best University. He is the presently the most qualified Interventional Radiologist in the country. Every year 2 fellows train under him from all over Mumbai.

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What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged, dilated, twisted and bulging veins in the legs . This condition is quite common and can cause complications like vein ruptures-bleeding, night pain, leg cramps, swelling disfiguring and other cosmetic concern.


What causes them?

Heredity is the number one contributing factor. Women are more likely than men. Some of the other causes are obesity, prolonged standing, and lifestyle changes.


How do they develop?

Veins carry blood against the force of gravity. They rely on valves inside the veins to carry blood back toward the heart. If the valves fail, veins become enlarged eventually bulging to the skin’s surface, causing varicose veins.


Honest Pricing

No hidden charges,  all inclusive packages.


World Class Advanced Facility

Laser technology allows precise treatment, minimizing recurrences and quick recovery.


Internationally Trained Consultants

All our consultants are internationally  trained and educated strictly following established guidelines



We treat patients with compassion and empathy

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Media Coverage

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Clinical Gallery

What Patients Say About Vascular Surgery

Happy Patients


Mr & Mrs Jawara, from South Africa, treated for varicose veins. Mrs Jawara had a chronic non healing varicose veins ulcer which was treated with endovenous laser therapy.

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Felicitated for conducting free varicose veins camp by Kutch Jain Samaj

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Mrs Hilal Amur Al Alawi from Yemen treated for varicose veins. She was treated with endovenous laser therapy.

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Mr Mucoca Arcenio Inacia from Tanzania treated for varicose veins.


Mr Narayan From Bellary in Karnataka treated for varicose ulcers


Mr Mohd Ali Yamun Shaikh from Dubai- Treated for varicose veins- happy patient treated for varicose vein surgery

Call Today +91-9971121273

for appointments

Open Hours

Mon - Sat: 8 am - 5 pm, Sun: Closed

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