5 Guidelines to Choosing the Correct Doctor For Varicose Vein Surgery

If you are diagnosed with varicose veins, you may have done an extensive search to find highly skilled and experienced doctors to perform your surgery. Varicose doctor specialist, plastic surgeons, and phlebologists are the ones who perform vein surgeries. Sometimes, dermatologists can also perform certain types of vascular treatments. So, what to look for in a doctor before deciding he is the right one to perform the procedure? This article will help you choose varicose vein surgery doctors.

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Whenever you are trying to find a doctor, you must consider some essential things. Look for someone who is:

Who is certified by the medical board and is a specialist in varicose vein treatment

With prior experience in performing the procedure

Considers insurance

You like talking to and clears all your doubts

If you require surgery of the veins, find a phlebologist or vascular surgeon working in a multi-speciality hospital with a high success rate in vein surgeries.

The five guidelines for choosing a varicose vein surgeon are as follows:

1. Consult with your family and friends

List out all the potential doctors in your city. A good doctor is always found through word of mouth. Consult your friends, family, and other professionals in the medical fraternity for recommendations. And, if you cannot find any referrals, go online and check for reviews of hospitals. You can find doctors by a quick online search using doctors for varicose veins near me to help you create a list. Chances are, you will find valuable information about the hospital and the best doctors to perform the procedure. A vein doctor near me search can also find various vein specialists near your locality. Further, websites like Med India can help you find doctors for every type of consultation. Make use of it to find an experienced doctor.

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2. Know about the doctors experience and credentials

You must do extensive research to learn about the doctor’s experience and other credentials. Find a doctor specialising in varicose vein treatments and ensure he or she has sufficient experience to perform the procedure without any complications. The more experience the doctor has in treating varicose veins, the better he or she is to complete the process successfully. Most importantly, ensure the doctor is certified as a varicose vein specialist by the medical board. Moreover, the best doctors have a clean practising history without any disciplinary actions in the past.

3. Analyse the performance of the hospital

When treating your varicose veins, a phlebologist or a varicose vein surgeon will perform the procedure. Vein surgeries often need a group of highly experienced and skilled healthcare professionals. Hence, you must ensure the facility where your consulting doctor works is up to the expected standards to perform sclerotherapy or laser treatment successfully.

Check the quality of the hospitals of those doctors in your made-up list. Do extensive research on the mortality rate and the patient complication rates of the hospitals. If a hospital does not meet your standards, determine if the varicose vein surgeon practices at different places. If you could not find any, look for surgeons in hospitals that offer the most favourable outcome.

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4. Talk to the doctor

Once you list down the doctors for varicose vein treatment, get an appointment and talk to them in person. Be sure to ask specific vital questions that can help you in decision-making. Find out whether you get comfortable conversing with the medic. Ask yourself whether they respect your point of view and give answers to your doubts. You can use the following questions to ask your doctor:

● What is your experience in varicose vein treatment?

● How many patients have you treated?

● Do you usually treat patients with similar medical conditions like mine?

● How will you do a blood clot in calf muscle treatment?

● What type of results a patient usually gets? Can you show me any before-treatment and after-treatment images of your patients?

● How often does your procedure get complicated? Can you share any outcomes data?

● How do you evade complications? How do you correct it if any complications arise?

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5. Check if the hospital covers insurance

Insurance coverage can benefit you and help save a lot of medical expenses. Some hospitals will not cover insurance for cosmetic vein procedures for small or spider veins. But, vascular surgery to cure symptomatic varicose is mainly covered. For better benefits and less expenditure for your treatment, you must find a specialist who can consider your insurance coverage.

However, do not compromise on the quality of the vascular surgeon just because they are ready to consider the coverage. In any case, you still have to keep experience and skills as a top priority when you assess a potential doctor.


Finding a good doctor can be a time-consuming task. However, it is essential to consult a specialist who can perform the procedure with ease and make your life easy. Research extensively and consult only with experienced doctors working in the state of the art hospitals for your welfare.

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