Does Family History Increase The Risk Of Varicose Veins?

A doctor for varicose may ask for the family medical history for multiple medical conditions. Be it vein disease or cancer, you are bound to get asked about the family history.

According to the top clinic for varicose veins, family history is proven to play an important role in the occurrence of varicose veins disease.

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What are varicose veins?

According to the best doctors for varicose veins near me, the varicose vein is a common medical condition wherein the veins become enlarged, or swell when due to the pooling of blood near the valves and begin to curl up or twist underneath the skin. The condition is commonly observed in women. According to the latest survey by the top clinic for varicose veins, approximately 26% of all women suffer from varicose veins. The dilated and thickened parts of the vein are termed varicosities. Varicose veins could form at any part of the body, however, they most often form on the legs and feet. You must consult a doctor for varicose veins near me if your leg feels weak or heavy.

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Are varicose veins hereditary?

Most people who suffer from varicose veins often ask these questions because they want to know whether the ailment is hereditary. Just like any other gene disorder, the varicose veins are hereditary.

According to varicose vein surgery doctors, the risk of developing varicose veins increases if a close member of the family already has the condition. This confirms the relationship between varicose veins and genetics.

As per experts of varicose veins treatment in Aurangabad, if one of the parents has varicose veins, then there is a 40% probability that the child will inherit the condition as they grow. If both the parents have varicose veins, the risk of acquiring varicose veins increases drastically by about 90%.

According to a varicose doctor specialist, having non-functional valves or fewer valves is also a genetic condition that is hereditary.

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In some cases, the individual might be born with abnormalities linked to the vein wall. The resultant weakness could further lead to improper valve functioning. This could lead to cracking or separation of the valves and you may require immediate and best varicose vein treatment to solve the ailment.

As per experts of varicose veins treatment in Nagpur, due to improper functioning of the valves, the blood flows downwards or backwards instead of flowing upwards towards the heart when the person tries to stand up. This creates a pooling of blood in the veins and causes varicose veins. Sometimes, this reverse blood flow could also cause immense pain and discomfort. In this case, the individual should consult the doctor and seek the best varicose vein treatment.

The reversal of blood flow mainly happens because the walls of the veins and the valves are not able to create the desired pressure required for the upward flow of blood in the veins, and the weak valves don't close properly resulting in backwards flow of blood. As a result, you may need to seek varicose pain treatment.

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Symptoms of varicose veins

Top rated vascular doctors near me say that the appearance of spider veins or varicose veins could be embarrassing or annoying. They appear as blue or red web-like lines on the legs. If you don't seek varicose treatment near me, the disease may advance into serious complications and may even interfere with your daily routine activities like standing, sleeping, swimming, walking, etc.

As per experts of varicose veins treatment in Navi Mumbai, the varicose veins symptoms include:

● Itchy legs

● Throbbing or aching pain in the legs

● Swollen ankles, feet or legs

● Restless legs

● Heavy feeling in the feet or legs

● Discoloured skin or thick skin along with the feet or legs

● Burning or hot sensation in the legs

If you experience these symptoms, then you need to seek immediate consultation with the doctor for varicose and opt for varicose vein treatment in Mumbai. When you search for the best varicose veins treatment near me, you will find The Vascular Centre. Feel free to connect with our experts.

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