How does the Interventional Radiologist treat Varicose Veins?

The treatment a radiologist may recommend in this scenario can vary from person to person. There are sure various medicines accessible which the interventional radiologist will like. The interventional radiologist will assess the patient clinically and in Doppler to see the life systems, varieties, perforators, insurances, level of puncture. He takes puncture under USG-Sonography direction correctly into the infected vein.

The best varicose vein treatment options for these are as follows:


This new and technologically advanced procedure is called EVLT (Endo-Venous Laser Therapy). This is a minimal to non - intrusive methodology, without any scars-stitch, cutting. It is done under local anaesthesia with peri-venous anesthesia given to shield skin and nerves contiguous from laser effect. The treatment being highly advanced, doesn’t require the patient to be hospitalized in most cases & in fact one can go back to their regular life routine after varicose vein treatment the very next day. This is most widely used and time tested treatment modality accepted worldwide.


This treatment choice is considered as the most accessible by doctor for varicose vein. In basic terms, it is a vein adhesive. One can term it as medical-grade Glue. It works as glue by closing the veins instead of heating them. The varicose veins get fibrosed and vanished later on. It’s also very good technique with good results, however long term results are yet to prove the efficacy. It is costly as well.

Radio-frequency Vein ablation:

In this scenario, interventional radiologists use radiofrequency heat to close the varicose veins. It is practically like LASER removal where laser heat is utilized for treatment.


In sclerotherapy, Interventional Radiologists will infuse the sclerosant medication straightforwardly into unhealthy veins to shut them down. They likewise incline toward ultrasound to control the treatment and it is known as ultrasound-guided froth sclerotherapy. It is for the most part utilized for security veins that are convoluted in their course adjuvant to laser-RFA treatment. There is a development in this also that, Mechanical harm utilizing a catheter with metal prongs is utilized and sclerotherapy following this is utilized to treat it. (MOCA-MechanO Chemical Ablation procedure)

These are the medicines that the interventional radiologist or varicose vein surgery doctors will recommend and apply in like manner. The system like wise relies upon the state of the patient since specialists won't push forward without looking at the clinical condition of the patient. Also there is concept of 4 layer dressing used for venous ulcer healing, which with its progressive layer and tightness give results and heal wound completely.

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