Signs of Diabetic Foot And Their Treatment

Some people who suffer from diabetes develop numbness in their feet due to decreased blood flow. This makes it difficult to find cuts, sores and blisters in the legs. Untreated and undetected wounds could become infected very quickly, which could lead to various complications and may sometimes result in amputation. In this blog, we discuss the signs of the diabetic foot and different types of diabetic foot treatment in Nagpur.

Diabetic foot

People suffering from diabetes often develop problems in their feet. Their feet may easily develop deformities, sores, ulcers or infections. If not provided with immediate diabetic foot treatment in Navi Mumbai, the foot blister or ulcer could advance into major infection, which may even result in amputation of a part of the leg in order to prevent the infection from spreading and saving the life of the person.

Who is more at risk of developing diabetic foot?

People having diabetes usually have a foot problem, however, the problem is acute among people with:

● Poor blood flow or nerve damage in their feet

●Trouble to control their glucose levels in the blood for longer periods, which includes a higher frequency of hyperglycemia

● Weight issues

● Diabetes for longer periods

● High cholesterol or high blood pressure

● Sedentary lifestyle

Causes of Diabetic Foot?

Diabetes also tends to impact or affect the flow of blood to the feet and the legs. Patients having diabetes are far more susceptible to developing PAD or Peripheral Artery Disease. In this condition, the arteries become blocked or narrow. Poor blood circulation or reduction in the blood flow due to blocked arteries could make healing difficult for ailments like diabetic infection, ulcers, sores or blisters.

High levels of blood sugar over the long term can cause nerve damage, which is termed diabetic neuropathy. This can happen all over the body. However, it is most commonly observed in feet and legs.

Diabetic neuropathy can lead to loss of feeling or sensation in the feet. If there is numbness in the feet, a patient may not easily noticea sore, cut or blister. They may not be able to feel any small stone or pebble in the socks that may cut the foot. As a result, foot wounds may become difficult to notice and may even go untreated, thus, increasing the chances of an infection.

Therefore, it is important to check or monitor the changes in the feet daily to find out any sores or ulcers and get diabetic foot treatment in Nagpur at the earliest.

Diabetic neuropathy symptoms

The different symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include:

● Reduced ability to feel cold or hot

● Dark skin colour in the affected area

● Numbness

● Tingling

● Pain

● Hair loss in the affected area

When diabetic neuropathy results in diabetic ulcers or sores in the feet, the symptoms could include:

● Changes to toenails or skin colour and texture including sore, calluses blisters

● Foul smell

● Pus or fluid discharge

● Pain

● Swelling

● Redness

● Increased skin discolouration

If you experience any of the above symptoms then you need to visit your doctor for diabetic foot to seek immediate medical attention and diabetic foot treatment in Navi Mumbai. Prompt treatment help to resolve the issue before it advances into a major complication of gangrene resulting in amputation.

Diabetic foot ulcer treatment

The diabetic foot treatment in Navi Mumbai could include:

● Cleansing the affected area or wound

● Draining the pus or fluid from the blister or ulcer

● Cutting or removing infected or dead tissue

●Applying special ointment and bandage to absorb the extra fluid and to protect the affected area and allow faster healing

● Prescribing crutches or wheelchairs that could take the bodyweight away from the affected limb and prevent any kind of unwanted pressure or loading on it

● Prescribing IV or oral antibiotics to eliminate and control the infection from spreading

The diabetic foot doctor will first examine the ulcer and the severity of the infection. Based on the outcome of the assessment, they may recommend the appropriate treatment.

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