What Happens If You Have Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins can be defined as enlarged, twisted veins underneath the skin surface. The superficial veins are the ones that most commonly become varicose. However, varicose veins are most commonly experienced in the legs, as walking or standing for long hours creates more pressure on the veins in the lower part of the body. You could seek top quality varicose veins treatment in Nagpur at The Vascular Centre.

In most cases, the varicose veins or spider veins - the milder variations of varicose veins - are not more than a cosmetic concern. According to the doctor for varicose, in some cases, varicose veins can cause discomfort and pain and result in weaker legs. In a few cases, these could lead to more serious complications requiring the best varicose vein treatment at The Vascular Centre.

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What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins occur when the veins in the lower parts of the body, mostly the legs, fail to exert the right pressure to pump the blood back to the heart. The blood flows backwards and pools near the valves inside the veins. This blood pooling swells or enlarges the veins or network of veins and is termed a varicose vein. If this happens to you, visit a clinic for varicose veins.

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According to top rated vascular doctors near me, in the majority of cases, varicose doesn't cause any discomfort or pain. The sure signs of varicose veins include:

● Bulging or twisted veins that appear like cords on the legs

● Veins appear blue or dark purple in colour

The advanced symptoms that require varicose vein treatment in Mumbai include:

● Heavy feeling in the legs

● Aching in the legs

● Swelling, muscle cramping, throbbing and burning in the lower legs

● Itching sensation on the impacted veins

● Severe pain after standing or sitting for longer periods

● Skin discolouration on the impact site

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A doctor for varicose would tell you that damaged or weak valves inside the veins are the main cause of varicose veins. The arteries supply blood from the heart to different parts of the body, the veins return the blood back to the heart to ensure recirculation. The veins need to exert extra pressure to be able to move the blood back to the heart. For this, they need to work against gravity.

According to the top clinic for varicose veins near me, muscle contractions in the legs act like pumps and the elasticity of the veins walls helps the blood to return to the heart. This movement is supported by tiny vales present inside the veins that open to allow blood flow to the heart and close to stop the backward flow of blood. As per every vascular surgeon near me, if the valves are damaged or weak, they may not function optimally. Thus, blood may flow backwards and pool inside the veins which may cause the veins to twist or stretch. A network of twisted or stretch veins are called varicose veins and the milder versions are called spider veins.

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Complications of varicose veins

Though complications arising out of varicose veins are rare if they do arise you would require the best varicose vein treatment at The Vascular Centre. The rare complications include:

Blood clots: Sometimes, the deep veins in the legs become larger. This can cause swelling and pain in the affected leg. Persistent swelling or leg pain warrants immediate varicose treatment near me as it could be an indication of blot clots as well.

Ulcers: The patient may experience painful ulcers over the skin around the varicose veins site, particularly on the ankles. You will usually notice a discoloured spot over the skin before the formation of an ulcer. Seek immediate varicose veins treatment in Navi Mumbai if ulcers develop on the skin.

Bleeding: If the impacted veins that are closer to skin burst, it may cause minor bleeding. In This situation, you need a doctor for varicose to cure the concern.

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