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Sanjay Salve

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Now I walk with people as a normal person, not as someone who is different in terms of appearance
or health. I need not stop in between. I can walk more than 2 km at a stretch

Nitesh Gidiye

Varicose Vein

For me, it was easier than I imagined. I had a short hospital stay, and the only healing was a small
needle prick near ankle region. Then everything went so smoothly. I would definitely recommend
everybody that Varicose vein LASER is easy thing to under go.


Varicose Vein

I am very impressed about the way doctor explained the problem with simple diagrams. No body
explained us like that before. You have all made my stay and procedure here less stressful and
happy. Thank you all- Mr. Bandu

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