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Varicose Veins


What are Varicose Veins?


Varicose veins are enlarged, dilated, twisted and bulging veins in the legs that thrust-pop out on the skin surface. In the initial days, these veins appear like blue or greyish lines on the skin, however as time passes they start bulging, weakening and even getting darker in color. This condition is quite common and can cause complications like vein ruptures-bleeding, night pain, leg cramps, swelling disfiguring and other cosmetic concerns.

How do they develop?


The lower limb veins have one-way valves that keep the blood moving towards the heart while preventing its backflow. Blood can back up and get collected in the veins if these valves are weak or impaired because of prolonged standing, vein-valve injury or familial condition sometimes. Over time this constant pooling of blood builds tension in the veins, which results in swelling. In such veins, increased pressure also results in the creation of spider veins and discoloured areas that look like bruises.

What are the sign-symptoms of Varicose veins?


  • Burning or Itching sensation

  • Intense Pain & Swelling

  • Heaviness & Fatigue

  • Bulging Veins or Muscle Cramps

In the majority of Varicose cases, the condition can be identified on the basis of a few signs and symptoms. This includes; change in colour or distorted, swollen or lumpy veins.

Those with complicated cases may also experience aching, heaviness in the legs _ especially after exercise or at night, minor injuries or ruptures to the affected area may result in prolonged bleeding. As per various varicose doctor specialist diagnoses, some patients have leg cramps when suddenly standing up, and a high percentage of patients with varicose veins also experience restless legs syndrome.

How do I know if I have Varicose Veins

We come across this question from at least one person each day. But there is nothing to worry since Varicose Veins are closely related to appearance, and self-diagnosis is possible. However, getting USG–DOPPLER of your leg accurately diagnoses it as well as the extent of disease.​

How do I know if the cause of my leg pain is varicose Vein?

It's Simple - get a Colour Doppler Sonography done. Clinical examination by a varicose vein surgery doctors is needed to know if the cause of your leg pain is a Varicose Vein.

The Varicose Vein is very common but often neglected, considering it to be an acceptable/ bearable condition. Mostly when patients consult early, they can prevent future progression or complications that may arise if not treated in time. Also, the currently available day-care treatment options are painless and simple after varicose veins surgery, so why delay the treatment when it's more convenient to get cured/ treated.

Are you facing similar problems? 

If you are facing these considerable discomforts in your legs, remember that quick help, and effective treatment are available at The Vascular Centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad, and Nagpur.

How can you manage Varicose Veins? 


The Varicose Veins can be managed with or without Laser Treatment, depending on the stage of your varicose vein disease.

What is the treatment of Varicose Veins?

  1. Varicose Pain Treatment depends on the patient's current disease stage. Ranging from the Guidance - Simple preventive measures & lifestyle modification to Medical Management - Prescribing medicines and medical aid to Day Care – LASER treatment.

  2. For solitary perforator disease, Sclerotherapy with Ablation is needed with follow-up. 

  3. Newer varicose veins treatment in Navi Mumbai and various other cities are available, which include, non-thermal, non-tumescent, closure systems like Cyanoacrylate Glue (also called VenaSealTM); Mechanochemical Ablation (MOCA) and here is where you end your search for the best doctors for varicose veins near me or even the best clinic for varicose veins near me, as we at The Vascular Center have expertise in varicose vein treatment

Benefits of Endovenous Laser Treatment

  • It is an OPD basic day-care procedure that doesn't require long-term hospitalization.

  • The patient can resume duty after varicose vein treatment immediately, even walk home on their own.

  • No open wound-scar except for a small puncture hole can be seen on the outside which heals almost quickly. This is why it is called a scar-less & painless solution for Varicose Veins.


Before & After the procedure 

  • We strongly consider approaching a doctor for varicose as the Varicose Vein disease is not just medicines-operation but needs regular follow-up with wound care and lifestyle modification.

  • Reduction of body weight, in turn, reduces pressure over the lower limb, hence it is also equally important.

Care taken after the procedure 

The patient is discharged the same or very next day walking himself home. Apart from postoperative 3-5 days oral medicines and regular follow-up,

  • The patient has to avoid standing for long hours - strenuous exercise -gym-Running for 7-14 days.
  • The patient has to wear the stocking during the daytime for approx 8-10 hours for 3-6 months. 

  • The patient can continue with all routine activities and doesn't have to go on bed rest.


Is there any chance of recurrence?

Those treated with Laser, don't return for treatment; however, if we follow simple necessary lifestyle modification and wear stockings, chances of recurrence are negligible.

Is there any way I can prevent Varicose Veins?

Self-care Treatment of Varicose Veins involves a lifestyle change, use of compression stockings, and exercise procedures.

  1. Avoid prolonged sitting (specifically with legs crossed) or standing in one place.

  2. Elevate your legs when resting at irregular intervals to increase venous return.

  3. Gradual weight loss and exercise

  4. Quit smoking tobacco

  5. During long flight journeys or prolonged sitting hours, get up and occasionally walk after about every hour.

  6. Wearing compression stockings can help improve your blood flow. They come in different sizes and strengths, so it is best to select them based on your doctor's guidance.

Why Us?

We are certified and experienced specialists in Varicose Veins Treatment in Mumbai wide and other such endo-vascular treatments. 
We have treated more than 1000 cases which range from regular to complex and some difficult ones at our clinic for varicose veins.
We are well-established in 4 major cities and are following the most recent universal guidelines. Our varicose veins treatment in Aurangabad and all other cities help our patients with better comprehensive treatment techniques. Our motto-wish is constantly working hard towards providing patients with the best varicose veins treatment in Nagpur, comfort and cure. If you are looking for varicose vein treatment in Mumbai, then you are in the best hands as we are among the top search for top-rated vascular doctors near me.

How much does Varicose Treatment near me cost? 


The complete expenses, including hospitalization, admission, LASER Therapy-operation, anaesthesia, and medications are approx. 60,000 to 1,20,000. Most insurance companies cover varicose veins in health insurance.


Will I have to pay separately for Colour Doppler?


The consultation charges cover both the clinical examination and Sonography-Colour Doppler.


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